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Sound Audio

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Making weddings memorable is what we do best and we strongly believe sound and entertainment is one of the most impactful experiences you can add to your big night. Our talented team of dancers, choreographers and expert sound engineers diligently craft thrilling acts that leave audiences in awe. We take sound engineering very seriously; from the moment we start working on your performance to the day before the performance, we re tweaking and perfecting the audio to help provide the highest quality show possible.  From epic Fire Dancing to sexy Salsa, our performances will bring your wedding to life.

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Our Combination Acts are sound engineered for a mind blowing performance

  • Champagne Aerial Act – (1 hour service) Fancy
  • Fire poi + Dance Performance – (11 minutes) 1 Act The illusion of Fire & Dance (this months special)
  • Aerial Hoop/Silk + Fire poi + Dance Performance – ( 18 minutes) 2 Acts Triple Threat 
  • Aerial Hoop/Silk – AACP + Fire poi + Dance – ( 1 hour + 18 minutes) 3 Acts Lets get Fancy
  • Duo Aerial hoop or Duo Fire Performance – (5-7 minutes) 1 Acts Mirrors
  • 1 Ballet, 3 Hip Hop Dance Performance – (11 minutes) 2  Acts The Art of Kayne West
  • 3 Modern bollywood dancers + 1 belly dancer  + 1 drum – (10-12 minutes) 2 Acts Mashallah

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